Fox Hill History - Life and Times in Fox Hill


The Fox Hill Volunteer Fire Department was organized in 1927 with 14 members. The first President was G. Irby Johnson. They purchased a Model T Ford Fire Engine from the Wythe Volunteer Company. This truck was equipped with two 35 gallon chemical tanks. It was only possible to use one of these tanks at the time. Chemical tanks contained water, soda and acid.  To use these tanks, you had to turn each tank upside down into produce the pressure which was created by mixing the acid and soda with the water. Since there was no city water in Fox Hill at this time, the water had to be obtained from rain barrels or deep water wells. The lack of city water made it necessary to construct a large tank approximately 30 feet in the air for the purpose of filling water tanks on truck prior to departing for fire.

To build the first building to house the equipment, funds were by the sale of Cook Books and Cakes.  The land was owned by the Bank of Fox Hill.  This building is still standing today at 602 Beach Road. 

The first alarm system consisted of four bells, each being placed in opposite parts of the community. The Fox Hill Volunteer Company proved to be an energetic group and held many fine drills with used fishing net often being used for practice material.

The second truck was purchased from the Hampton Volunteer Fire Company and with the acquisition of this truck a central alarm system in the form of a siren was installed.

The next  Fire Station was built in the 1940's by Elizabeth City County and since that time the Fire Company has grown and has two modern fire trucks.  The present station dates from the 1970's. 

Perhaps the most amusing incident that happened at a fire took place during a fire at the home of Mr. George Lewis, when; it was necessary to use the water from the gold fish pond, via the bucket brigade, to extinguish the fire. After the fire had been extinguished gold fish were scattered from the roof to the basement






First Row, left to right: Ralph Joyner, Jr., Tommy Johnson, Wesley Ashe, A. W. "Babe" dark. Engineer; Meredith W. Ballard, Chief; Carlie Johnson, member with 36 years service; Jack Fowler, Deputy Chief; W. C. Holloway, Treasurer; Bob Firth, Edward F. Powell, Chaplain.


Back Row, left to right: Mike Jenkins, Ralph Joyner, Sr., Marvin Smith, Jr., Philip Routten, Assistant Secretary; Bobby Malcolm. W. T. Freeman, Waverly Routten, Billy Rice, Jr., Charles R. Compton, Jr.