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Fox Hill Historical Society, Inc.
 Saturday, April 9, 2005  at 2:00 p.m.
Fox Hill Central United Methodist Church
501 Beach Road, Hampton, Virginia

 Celebrating Southern Heritage Month

Speaker:  David Routten

Program is Free and Open to the Public.


The topic of this meeting is:  'Living in Fox Hill in 1860'

David Routten will give us a picture of life for Fox Hill men and women.  Typical life during that time did not involve all the things we take for granted today, such as electricity, hot water tank, a washing machine or our favorite television program.

David will cover the jobs, the families, the church, the schools, the businesses - shops, etc., the homes, where you got your clothes, where you got your food, and who helped you when you needed help. 

Instead of jumping into your car, you had to walk most places.  Families didn't live in mansions (or just exceptionally large houses).  How did grandma wash the clothes?  Come and hear how things were back then.


A short business meeting will precede the speaker program. The Society currently has approximately one hundred households and is open to anyone with an interest in history and genealogy. You may contact Katie Arredondo for additional information.