June 2004


Best Selling Authors!

   Fox Hill on the Virginia Peninsula was our first effort at writing a book about Fox Hill.   The first printing was 900 copies and was sold in less than a month.  The second printing is now available and can be purchase directly from us or at Barnes and Noble, or Books-A-Million. Contact one of the officers (at the bottom of this newsletter) to get your copy for $19.99.

   We hope to continue the success of the first book with follow up books on Fox Hill Veterans, a cook book and a second book, tentatively named Fox Hill on the Virginia Peninsula Revisited.  Please dont be left out, submit your pictures (with captions) to one of the officers.


   FHHS is a non-profit organization.   Tax-deductible memorial donations can now be made in honor of your loved ones. Contributions will help with the purchase of our center.  Please make checks out to FHHS and mail to Katie Arredondo, 208 Beach Road, Hampton, Va. 23664.

We are still working on getting our own building.  This is one of the reasons for fund raising.   For monetary donations we would like to have a plaque with names of contributors posted in our Fox Hill Historical Society Home.   

Hampton History Museum

  We were asked the by Hampton History Museum to host their April meeting which was a roaring success.  We had members from the society who have been around for some time answering questions from the audience.  Seems that our pound boat is still a big topic.  Lots of questions were asked on pound net fishing and the pound boat itself.  We were asked to participate in a book signing during April. 


Our Accomplishments

   You can find some of the highlights of our accomplishments at  There are pictures as well as information on other Fox Hill Clubs. 

   (First Annual) Fox Hill Opry was held on March 25 at Frances Asbury School.  This was another one of our efforts to raise funds for the operation of our own building.  It was very successful and one group even picked up an agent.  We are looking forward to a yearly production.  We are always looking for new performers, so give us a call if you are interested in helping with production, performing or participating.

   Fox Hill Days on May 8 was a great success.  Everyone enjoyed either sitting on their porches or standing on the side of the road and seeing the parade coming down Beach Road.  The parade was longer this year and ended at Hall Woods.  Everyone came back to Asbury where entertainment, craft booths and food was enjoyed by all who attended.  Our Fox Hill Historical Society booth had several items for sale which included,  Fox Hill on the Virginia Peninsula,  Charles Elliott's Fox Hill It's People and Places, canvas bags,  Christmas Balls with First Church picture, T-shirts, hats, pictures, Fox Hill, the Beginning and Before the Beginning, The Clark Farm House, etc.

Upcoming Events

   Fall Festival October 9, 2004.  Remember the old Fox Hill Festivals - well we do.  Come celebrate our third Birthday Party with music, dance, crafts, food and fun for all.  Storytelling, meet Granny Wyatt and other Fox Hill folk.  Come help us plan this event. Reserve your craft or food booth by calling one of the officers.

   The City of Hampton has given $35,000 towards the purchase of a 117th Militia Rifle that was used in the War of 1812 up through the Civil War.  This Rifle is on display at the Hampton History museum.   At our last meeting a vote was taken by members present and we are pleased to tell you that we have donated $200.00 towards the purchase of this rifle.  Our name and will be among those who help purchase this $65,000 rifle.


   Pictures for our second Arcadia Book.   

   Pictures for our Veterans Book veterans include native or come heres and the service they were in.  You guys and gals who married come hers we want them in our book.

   Any Fox Hill pictures, documents, books or discards that you might have - WE WANT THEM.

   Thanks to all who have given us their recipes for our cookbook that will be coming out in October.  We still need more along will some tips to use as fillers.  Example:  only eat oysters in months that have the letter R in it, or dont cook seafood in milk.


   We have had several wonderful speakers at our monthly meetings.

   January: Jill Russell of Creative Memories gave a workshop on scrap booking.

   February: Cemetery Lady Teresa Roundy talked about cemetery upkeep.

   March: Ross Kearney talked about Phoebus.

   April:  John Quarnstien talked about the Peninsula after the Civil War.

   May:  Neighborhood Fair

June 12: Genealogy Workshop.

   July 10: 2:00 PM at Central United Methodist Church, 501 Beach Road.

The topic is Nora Brooks, 1st person impressionist of Anna Jackson, second wife of General Stonewall Jackson.

   August 14: Field Trip to Watermans Museum, price will be $3.00 admission for 20 and above attendance.

   September 11: Dale Rose will tell us about the Kecoughtan Indians and Powhatan Indian natives to Fox Hill.(Subject to change)

   October 9: Fox Hill Fall Fest and Birthday Party.

   November 13: Linda Rowe, Jamestown, Accomac County and Fox Hill.

   December 11: Genealogy Workshop

  January 8, 2005: John Quarnstien CSS Virginia, Mistress of Hampton Roads.

(Subject to change) 

   If you know of a speaker that would be of interest to Fox Hill give one of us a call or email us with the name and topic and we will be glad to give them a call.

   FHHS Inc. is considered a business by the State of Virginia. We are incorporated.  The IRS has given us 5 years to prove our 501 (3) status which means we are a non profit, tax-exempt corporation.  Our designation is for education, genealogy, history and preservation. When we began, cemetery preservation was our goal and today is a work in progress.  We are seeking our ancestry through genealogy and seeking our past history.  The roll our community, Fox Hill, has played in Elizabeth City County and now the City of Hampton.  At the June meeting, every member present was given a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Constitution and By Laws along with our Tax Exempt Status.  If you were not present please arrange to get a copy by mail or email.  Thank you for your help and support. 

   Remember no matter how unimportant something you know or lived seems, please consider sharing your knowledge with us.  Example:  how did you manage during Isabel?  Who did you know in Fox Hill that made an impression or a difference in your. How about some of the things you did as a child or games that you played.  The kids today have no idea of how you were raised.  Today they take everything for granted.  Come on and share some of your experiences with us so we can make it FOX HILL HISTORY.