The meeting was held at Fox Hill Central United Methodist Church, Social Hall

Our guest was Mrs. Virginia Rollins, who had graciously written about Fox Hill in her newspaper article the first week of February. She encouraged our historical society to continue our pursuits of history and genealogy of Fox Hill and begin our meetings with prayer

                She recommended that everyone keep a journal about his or her lives in Fox Hill.

                Everyone remembers events and happenings in different ways. Your viewpoint is important to our society. She also recommended that each person make a family history book with pictures, birth certificates, marriage licenses, wills, deeds, awards, Bibles, etc any document about your family members. They need to be on acid free paper/protective sleeves, and all pictures identified (names, place taken, and date).

                We were encouraged to continue researching unique places and developments that happened in Fox Hill. Such as: Where is the Indian Stone that was last mentioned in 1760 land records. Back River Light House, North End Point (Factory Point), Harris Creek, and other topics of interest. Members need to pick a place or family and learn all you can about that particular place or family. Become the expert on that subject. Bring it to the group and share your research, preserve your work, and help your society work towards its goals and objectives.

She gave several references:

Cavaliers and Pioneers (8 Volumes)

                        Hodgepodge of Memories of Hampton by E. Sclater Montague


 She invited us to the Family History Center to do research.