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lighthouse.jpg (942226 bytes) FHHS is selling small size prints of the "Light Keepers" painting by Jeanne Weaver.  They are size 11" x 17".  The cost is $10.00.  



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Although today Fox Hill is today a part of Hampton, Virginia, the area still maintains the quaint charm of the early fishing village settled so many years ago. Join the Fox Hill Historical Society in a look back at the area as seen through the photographs of days gone by.

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Settlers to Fox Hill, on the edge of the Virginiaís gateway to the Chesapeake Bay, arrived as early as 1625. The name is believed to have been derived from the numerous fox dens in the sand of local beaches and was originally spelled Foxeshill. Early pioneers worked in small countryside farms, mostly growing the profitable tobacco, which soon allowed for larger, more profitable, plantations. In the early 1800s, a large number of Methodist families settled in the region, leaving a lasting impression that can be seen today. Fisherman and boat builders also immigrated into the area. Fox Hill soon became a thriving and prosperous community in Elizabeth City County. Beginning shortly before 1900, the white sand and waters of the Atlantic drew many to Grandview Beach, a location that became widely known as one of Virginiaís best summer resort destinations. A boat house and dance pavilion were constructed in the ensuing decades, although they were later destroyed by a powerful 1930s hurricane. The site was later rebuilt, only to be torn down again by Hurricane Hazel in 1954.