Fox Hill History

The Fox Hill Historical Society, Inc. is grateful to all who have been gracious

enough to share their knowledge.  Some of the history and photographs are from

Charles Elliott's book, Fox Hill Its People and Places.


                                      Life and Times In Fox Hill                                                                  


   In the Beginning               

   Agriculture - David Routten        Fox Hill - Gerard Chambers

   Pound Fishing                         Fox Hill - Manola Clark

   The Gate                           Fox Hill - David Routten     

   Fire Department                    Fox Hill All Stars

   Fraternal Orders                   Asbury Elementary School

   1850 Census                        Back River Lighthouse              

   Grand View Hotel                   Grandview Pier


   First Methodist Church of Fox Hill

   Wallace Memorial Church                            

   Central Methodist Church of Fox Hill            


   Hurricane of 1933

   Ash Wednesday Storm - 1962

   Hurricane Isabel - September 2003